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  • From and to the airport.
  • From and to the harbor.
  • From and to the passenger station KTEL (Central Bus Station).
  • To any destination in Chalkidiki.
  • To any city or village.


The capital of Macedonia , offers you the ideal atmosphere to enjoy your stay! You will love the wonderful shoreline, the nightlife and the modern look, perfectly combined together with tradition and the scent of its distinguish past. At the museums, you will see unique archaeological, medieval and modern treasures. At the market you will indulge in the rare scents and flavors, while at night you will walk on life-filled and joyful streets. Thessaloniki offers you experiences and memories that will follow you forever.
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Just an hour away from Thessaloniki, lies the magnificent Chalkidiki!

The stunning beaches and splendid natural environment , justify those who consider Chalkidiki , paradise of Greece.

Swim in crystal clear waters, taste fresh seafood, cooked with care and passion, dance as much as your soul wishes and enjoy its unique sunsets next to the sea.

In cosmopolitan Kassandra, in romantic Sithonia and in Byzantine Athos, you will finally understand why there is no other place like Chalkidiki.

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